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Go Back In Time With The 1975’s New Single ‘Love Me’

More like 1985, TBH.

By Chandra Johnson

The 1975 fans can finally stop holding their breath because the Manchester rockers are back with a new single called “Love Me.”

Premiering on BBC Radio 1 with Annie Mac, the foursome introduced the funky, electro-pop track, which sounds a lot less Brian Eno and a lot more Prince than their previous work.

“We’ve become pop stars,” frontman Matthew Healy said. “There’s just not enough good pop bands, man, and I’m sick of it.”

You tell ‘em, Matty.

“Everything now is in the pursuit of the truth—so that’s what ‘Love Me’ is about,” he said.

“Love Me” is about narcissism and being famous, something these dudes know well since their 2013 debut. Just back in May, some fans thought this may have been the end for the band when they pulled the plug on all their social accounts, only to rebirth anew (and much pinker than before).

If that weren’t reason enough to completely lose your marbles, Matty also revealed that the album will be out in February and -- !!! -- will include 17 tracks. Oh, and it’s called I Like It When You Sleep For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It (a mouthful, to say the least).

This news raises a lot of questions: What other sounds are in store for this eclectic album? Are they done with black & white forever? Why is Matty wearing eye shadow??

Until we find out for sure, though, we’ll be cueing up and rocking out, but we may skip the leather pants.