AG Rojas/YouTube

Jack Ü's New 'To Ü' Video Will Make You Want To Kiss The Next Person You See

The Diplo, Skrillex and AlunaGeorge collab comes to life with a lot of saliva exchanges.

As soon as summer 2015 came around, Jack Ü -- the production dream team of Diplo and Skrillex -- very quickly made it the season their own. Their smash-hit Justin Bieber collab, "Where Are Ü Now," set the stage for Justin's comeback with future singles "What Do You Mean" and "Sorry" and even inspired a wonderful interactive piece by The New York Times. (Jack Ü and Bieber also won Best Collaboration at the 2015 MTV EMA.)

But the other eight tracks on the Jack Ü album are pretty great, too, especially the collaboration with London electronic duo AlunaGeorge called "To Ü." The song squiggles around for four minutes, dropping its beat a few times as Aluna Francis' golden voice creeps into the empty spaces. Like a lot of the songs on Jack Ü, it's chaotic and melodic at the same time -- a pretty nifty trick to pull off.

Now, "To Ü" has its own music video, and while it's not as interactive as the scrawling Bieber doodles that comprised the "Where Are Ü Now" clip, it's streaked with gritty (but still romantic) realism. Young people abound, living their lives in love in cramped bedrooms, open fields, on plush carpets -- pretty much everywhere you spend time when you're in love but still completing your daily routines.

AG Rojas, who directed the video, also created the tense but powerful Run the Jewels video "Close Your Eyes (And Count To F--k)" earlier this year and Jack White's slightly controversial "Sixteen Saltines" from 2012. Check out his other work here.