One Direction’s “Perfect” New Single Is Slaying Fans — And They’re Documenting It With A Hashtag

#PerfectHadMeLike ???

One Direction's latest single is "Perfect" in both title and existence. It also might totally be about Taylor Swift, as it has a lot of odd parallels with "Style" (and even more subtle lyrical maybe-clues), but it also might totally not at all. Either way, it's just a good jam. A really good jam.

But is it too good? Like, dangerously good? Like, fall-over-in-a-perilous-swoon good? One look at the hashtag #PerfectHadMeLike reveals that, uh, actually, maybe it is.

Directioners are legit losing limbs over it.

And falling down and potentially passing out over it.

And going through lots of different emotional ranges over it.

Even the Larry shippers -- who are definitely not convinced it's about Taylor -- are chiming in.

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Whatever it's about is kind of secondary to how it makes the fans feel, right? Louis knows.

1D's fifth album, Made In The A.M., is out Nov. 13, guyssssss.