Can 'Faking It''s Karma Really Share A Man...With Shane?

Frankly, there may not be enough Wade to go around.

In an effort to move on from their recent breakups, Karma and Shane set their sights on a brand-new love interest. The only problem? They're both into the same guy.

During tonight's "Faking It" episode, the two Hester High students complained to Amy that they couldn't squeeze a prom invite out of their crush. As the group hashed through the details of the pair's shared struggle, the truth finally came out: Karma's science class bae Wade and Shane's PFLAG hoedown heartthrob were one and the same. Oops.

So they had to know: Who was Wade actually feeling romantically?

In pursuit of answers, the K and S dashed across the campus to W. Along the way, Shane said Karma must have "obviously mistaken Wade's friendliness for flirting." Her reply: "Maybe you've misinterpreted his sensitivity. Not everyone is gay."

In a rush to stake their claim, they bluntly asked him the million-dollar question: "Are you gay or straight?"

Turns out, they were both right: Wade identifies as bisexual -- something our sexually diverse group of friends hadn't considered -- and he was too into both of them to decide who to bring to prom.

That indecisive state left Karma feeling immediately defeated. If she was going to have a shot at her classmate's affections, she'd have to think outside the box. And she did: Rather than squabble over him, she considered biting the bullet and dating Wade while Shane dates him too. (Just until things get serious, of course.)

The boys agreed to the idea, and now we have a feeling things between the new "throuple" are gonna get serious soon -- seriously dramatic!

How do you think the new relationships will unfold? And do you think you could share a guy with a friend? Let us know what you'd do in the comments -- and see how it all turns out on the next "Faking It" Monday night at 9:30/8:30c on MTV.