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Taylor Swift Crafted A Playlist Of Songs That Will Make Your Life As Awesome As Hers

Unsurprisingly, the girl has some seriously excellent taste in music.

One of the best things about Taylor Swift is that even though she's arguably the reigning queen of the music world today -- one who continuously breaks records, racks up awards and profoundly influences the business -- she loves to share the spotlight.

From her star-studded concert guest list to her group red carpet dates, Tay has a reputation for being a selfless artist and friend. Which is why it should come as no surprise that she's now shining a light on her industry peers by way of an amazing, hand-crafted playlist.

On Tuesday night (Oct. 6), Taylor unceremoniously tweeted a handwritten list of "'New Songs That Will Make Your Life More Awesome' (I promise!)." The 11-track list highlights mostly pop and indie songs from some names you'll definitely recognize (hey, Hailee Steinfeld!), and some you might not. So treat your ears to some blissful music discovery, courtesy of Taylor herself.

  1. “No Words” by Erik Hassle
  2. “Mine” by Phoebe Ryan
  3. “Poetic” by Seinabo Sey
  4. “How I Want Ya” by Hudson Thames feat. Hailee Steinfeld
  5. “New Obsession” by Frankie
  6. “Alive” by Kehlaini feat. Coucheron
  7. “I’m Yours” by Alessia Cara
  8. “Sleep On It” by Emmi
  9. “Return to the Moon” by EL VY
  10. “Swords” by M.I.A.
  11. “It’s Strange” by Louis The Child (feat. K. Flay)

Taylor finished the list with a short promise: "The End. (for now)." Please keep these playlists coming, Tay!