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Watch Cara Delevingne Push A Paparazzo And Then Run Away Laughing

'I have a right to move you,' the model-turned-actress said.

If you thought Cara Delevingne was joking about her all-out RAGE over the paparazzi constantly being in her face, we've got some video evidence to the contrary.

See, Cara spent the day in Paris supporting Karl Lagerfeld and reviving #CaKe at Chanel's Fashion Week extravaganza on Tuesday (Oct. 6). But when she went to grab a bite to eat with her rumored GF St. Vincent and BFF Kendall Jenner after the show, things got pretty ugly on the l’Avenue restaurant curb.

Upon arrival to the grub spot, Cara & Co. were swarmed by a group of sidewalk photogs who first greeted Kendall with relatively tame tones and then proceeded to shout Cara's name again and again as she walked past.

The girls' security team seemed to have the sitch under control, but then one guy got a little too close for Cara's liking. That's when the "Pan" actress turned around, gave him a death glare, shoved him and then ran away giggling and saying "I pushed him, I pushed him, I pushed him."

Here's another angle that shows the guy who went from pushy to pushee in two seconds flat.

FWIW, Cara appeared to have the crowd on her side because there were several giggles to accompany hers. She later owned up to her actions with an explanatory tweet, writing, "Dear paps, if you are in my way, I have a right to move you."

Cara, who went on a fiery Twitter spree in September after her close brushes with the paps at London Fashion Week, warned photogs everywhere that she was at her wits' end with "grown men treat[ing] people like objects with no feelings" and making her "feel like a zoo animal" on the regular.

She even threatened to exact some Class A revenge on 'em all, writing, "One day when I have time, I will find out where you live and camp outside your house with my friends armed with cameras."

Now, that's not exactly what happened here, but Cara's very literal pushback did send a loud-and-clear message. But was it the right one? Let us know what you think in the comments.