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Cara Delevingne Sat, Walked, And Finally Reunited With Kendall Jenner At Chanel

Wow, Cara did every single thing, didn't she?

Things have changed for Cara Delevingne at Fashion Week—instead of walking in shows, she's attending them. At the Chanel show in Paris, though, she did both. Some people really can have it all, y'know?

When things kicked off, Cara sat alongside Hudson Kroenig—Karl Lagerfeld's godson, NBD—at the airline-themed show. While airport chairs are, um, not exactly the most comfortable seats in the world, they are definitely more spacious than the benches that are typical in front rows—sitting at Chanel ain't so bad, eh, Cara?

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At the end of the show, though, Cara got up from her spacious seat to join Karl in a jaunt around the runway—she may not be a runway model any longer, but she still appreciates the importance of a strong finale.

Speaking of which, after the show, she reunited with Kendall Jenner. #CaKe is back, y'all.

So, yeah, Cara may not be modeling at Fashion Week any more, but she's still ~everywhere~, thankfully. Between red carpets and front rows, we're getting a lot of Cara in our lives and we're into it—please keep it up! Thanks.