DreamWorks Animation / TheNamelessDoll

Disney Princesses, Sit Down -- Here Are Badass Non-Disney Characters With Short Hair

Disney princesses shouldn't get all the Photoshop fun.

TheNamelessDoll, a film student based in Sweden, blew your mind this summer when she reimagined the Disney princesses with short hair. She chopped off their long, perpetually perfect locks and photoshopped them with bobs and pixie cuts, then posted the images on Tumblr:

Now TheNamelessDoll is taking her talents to the non-Disney world. She's on a mission to photoshop short hair onto characters from your favorite animated movies like "Anastasia," "Thumbelina" and more. Check 'em out below.

See more of TheNamelessDoll's amazing work on her Tumblr, DeviantArt and YouTube pages.