An Artist Photoshopped Disney Princesses With Short Hair And They Look Badass

Who said princesses need to have long hair?

Last month we introduced you to TheNamelessDoll, a photoshop wiz who reimagined the Disney princesses as if they were all mermaids like Ariel:

Now TheNamelessDoll, a film student based in Sweden, is back to blow your mind with even more Disney recreations. This time, she chopped off the princesses' traditional long locks and hooked them up with stylish bobs and pixie cuts.

You know how the Disney princesses always have perfect hair, no matter what villain they're fighting? Turns out this hair sorcery still applies even when the 'dos are short and sassy.

Check out their badass looks below:

See more of TheNamelessDoll's amazing work on her Tumblr, DeviantArt and YouTube pages.

H/T Elite Daily