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17 Rihanna Outfits That Will Make Baby Pink Your New Favorite Color


Rihanna is currently in Paris, attending Fashion Week, sewing her own clothes, and educating the masses on how to wear pink. While Rih can pull off any color under the sun, there's one she returns to time and time again—baby pink.

From sweatsuits to red carpet dresses to wigs, Rih wears the color on the regular. While the shade may vary here and there, Rih's love for light pink is very real, and these 17 photos prove it.

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    Pink dress? Check. Pink bag? Check. PINK SUNGLASSES? Check.

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    An entire outfit out of a pink cape? Perfect.

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    "Pretty In Pink" is an '80s movie, but also Rihanna's life story.

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    Pink and purple have never looked so good together, TBH.

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    Speaking of which, even if her dress isn't pink, she figures out a way to include it.

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    I mean. Hi.

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    Pale pink works equally as well for ~casual times~.

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    I mean. Hi. Part II.

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    Wanna toughen up pale pink? Black sneakers and socks will do the trick.

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    Rihanna's pale pink coat collection is vast, it seems.

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    Only Rihanna could have us thinking about incorporating pink gingham into our wardrobes.

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    Even her loungewear follows the color palette.

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    So, uh, does she have an entire closet for coats in this color orrr?

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    Pale pink pixie—try saying that seven times fast. (P.S. LOOK AT HER NAILS.)

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    Um, no wonder Dior signed her. Is this the greatest Rihanna look of all time Y/Y????

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    A pink so pale it's almost white. Still. #WERKKK.

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    Yeah, we weren't exactly looking at the accessories in this outfit, but her stole is pink.

Now try and tell me you're not gonna go out and by all powder pink everything. That's what I thought.