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Rihanna, DIY Queen, Alters Couture By Hand Before Fashion Show

On Thursday (Oct. 1), Rihanna arrived in Paris dressed in head-to-toe sweats, a look we can all relate to. Friday, though, was an entirely different story—Rih attended the Dior Spring 2016 show in an outfit that not of us have access to or, TBH, can pull off.

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She attended the show in a powder pink coat/cape—coape? capt?—from the Dior's fall couture collection. While it was shown on the runway with a dress underneath, Rih appears to have worn it as the entire ~ensemble~, which, of course.

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But then—!!!—when she turned to reveal her right arm, it's apparent that this is more of coat then we ever thought, thanks to that sleeve made entirely of fur. Hellooooo.

Rihanna Snapchat

While everything looked perfect when she arrived at the show, Rihanna's Snapchat reveals that she had to make some last-minute alterations before she left. "Sewing 101," her stylist Mel Ottenberg explains. Um, so not only is Rihanna, y'know, Rihanna, but she also knows how to alter Dior couture???