Christina Aguilera Earned A 2013 VMA Nomination! Let’s Celebrate With Legendtina’s 12 Best VMA Moments! (PHOTOS)

Christina Aguilera’s nominated for a 2013 VMA! Let’s review her best VMA moments!

Gather round! GATHER, OK?! In case you have not yet heard the news: On this, the morn of the 17th day of the seventh month of the 33rd year of our goddess, the 2013 MTV VMA nominations went public, and — LO! — our prayers have been answered! Our Lady of the Never-Ending Riff — Christina Aguilera, uh-duh — has nabbed a nom for Best Collaboration VMA for her featured vocals on Pitbull’s “Feel This Moment,” her first bid at a Moonman since 2007’s “Candyman.” And Xtina Stans? That means we ALL gotta feel this moment by counting down the queen diva’s greatest VMA show moments of all time. You ready? Come on over here…

1.) Christina Aguilera scored her first-ever VMA: Back in 2001, Christina Aguilera scored her first, and thus far SHOCKINGLY only, Video Music Award for her four-way collab on “Lady Marmalade” with Mya, Pink, and Lil’ Kim. Accepting the award for Video of the Year (!), Christina declared that a) “The big hair paid off!” and b) “OMG you guys, I wanted one so bad!!” She literally took the words right out of our mouths. On both counts. PRAISE!

2.) That time Christina Aguilera hooked up with Fred Durst… ON THE VMA STAGE: One year earlier, the fresh-out-the-bottle goddess-in-training shocked us with another notable team-up: Fred Durst of Limp Bizket. It’s kind of hard to watch the performance, and no, we’re not just talkin’ about her sexualitay. Not at all, in fact. It’s because Durst later claimed he… er, did it all for the nookie if you know what we’re saying in some misguided attempt at protecting his anti-pop cred. Whatever, all we know is that if we were asked to duet with Christina Aguilera at the Video freaking Music Awards, we would be NOTHING but posi about the experience. OK, TO BE FAIR, we may or may not have a little restraining order in place that would void our shot at sharing the stage with her, BUT STILL.

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3.) When Christina Aguilera met Tommy Lee: This actually wasn’t Xtina’s first time pairing off with a hardcore rocker. Back at the 1999 VMAs, the little girl with the big voice barely made a peep as she presented the award for Best Rock Video alongside Mötley Crüe drummer and then-Pamela-Anderson-maker-outer Tommy Lee. According to this interview, Lee says that she was SUPER shy right before going on stage. DYING. So cute! BRB, having sex for breakfast.

4.) When Christina Aguilera performed with Dave Navarro: Fast-forward to 2003’s VMAs, and the freshly Dirrty-fied singer started adding super-tough rappers to her repertoire of big-name male costars. Redman hypes up the crowd in this live performance of her second album’s title track, because apparently the monstrously shredded breakdown by Jane’s Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro at the end was not enough. #RealTalk: When Navarro makes eye contact with mama for, like, that one second when they’re alone at the front of the stage? THAT’S IT. SHUT IT DOWN. THAT IS YOUR MOMENT. GOOD NIGHT. You DO like boys! Oh wait… You mean the ah-maze keeps getting better? Yes. Let’s continue.

5.) When Christina Aguilera performed with Nelly: The 2004 VMAs gave us a legendary Legendtina moment for The Book of Legendtina Legends (say legend one more time), when she debuted an early version of her new retro styling as she scatted alongside Nelly in a roaring ’20s-ready live rendition of “Tilt Ya Head Back.” THIS IS SO FUN. We could watch this all day. But we have other pressing matters to attend to…

6.) When Christina Aguilera presented a VMA with Britney Spears: UM, REMEMBER THAT TIME CHRISTINA INTRODUCED WHITNEY HOUSTON ALONGSIDE BRITNEY SPEARS AT THE 2000 VMAs??? Not only did this side-by-side appearance help to squash rumors that the two pop princesses have been bitterly feuding rivals since their days in “The Mickey Mouse Club,” but it also gave us one of our first glimpses into Christina’s biting sense of humor. When Brit-Brit mentions how cool it was to meet stars like Eminem, mama just deadpans: “… Anyway.” She came up with that retort faster than you can say “SAY!” Dead.

7.) When Christina Aguilera stage-kissed Madonna: But that wasn’t the end of Britney and Christina crossing paths on the Radio City Music Hall stage. Fast-forward to 2003, and — OK, OK, you know what we’re talking about. The kiss? Britney x Madonna followed by Madonna x Christina? Unfortunately, due to an overextended reaction shot from Spears’ recent ex Justin Timberlake — thanks a lot, JT, way to milk it! — Xtina’s would-be legendary lip-locking never quite attained the same icon status as Brit’s. Don’t worry, we felt it. When there’s NOOOOOOOOOO one else, look in-SIIIIIIIIIIIIDE yourself… Oh, sorry? Wha? Oh right.

8.) When Christina Aguilera posed With Andy Dick… in drag: Well, thank God THIS moment from the 2001 show didn’t get all hot and heavy. After effing up her performance of “Naughty Baby Did a No-No,” Daphne Aguilera — the “Self-Proclaimed Queen of Pop” who claimed to be Christina’s mother’s cousin’s best friend’s neighbor — projected all of her rage onto our Queen. HA, SURE. Bow down, peasant. OK, this was actually all a joke. It’s just Andy Dick in drag. What, it was funny! You had to be there… 2001 was weird.

9.) When Christina Aguilera wore a scarf as a top: Unlike Daphne up there, when Christina took a fashion risk at MTV’s big night, it always paid off! Take this look from 2003. Arguably the performer’s first full-on public foray into her Dirrty aesthetic, the lady werqued a scarf as a top. Laugh all you want, but she totally made it a thing. Just look at our middle school yearbook! Wait, DON’T LOOK AT OUR MIDDLE SCHOOL YEARBOOK.

11.) When Christina Aguilera channeled her inner couture flamingo: And we canNOT talk about Aguilera Fashionz™ without bringing up this pink feathery number. How many Muppets had to die to make this dress? Who cares! A girl wants what a girl wants, and what this girl wanted is effing haute.

11.) When Christina Aguilera sang “Hurt“: From the loud ensembles to even louder live performances, it’s always humbling to watch Christina Aguilera take a step back from all that to give her fans an intimate, vulnerable moment to treasure. In that vein, here’s “Hurt” at the 2006 Video Music Awards, presented without comment. OK, here’s one: FLAWLESS.

12.) When Christina Aguilera straight-up remixed herself: Let’s cap off the glorious reveling by thinking about Queen Christina’s 2008 doubleheader of the remixed “Genie 2.0″ and four-on-the-floor amp blaster “Keeps Gettin’ Better.” What makes this moment so iconic? She somehow managed to compile all three periods of her career (pop princess Christina, “Dirrrty” Xtina, and, erm, post-“Dirrrty” Xtina) faster than you can belt “SAY!” on “Wake Up With Larry Richert,” yet still hinted at wow-worthy moments to come. What we wanna know is, how prophetic was this song? Does it possibly mean a second Moonman in Legendtina’s future? It’s, like, LITERALLY in your hands. No, seriously. Vote below if you want She of the Flittering Fingers to take home the award for Best Collaboration of 2013. So… GO.

Cast your vote NOW for this year’s Video Music Award winners from the 2013 VMA Nominees. The 2013 Video Music Awards air August 25 on MTV and, live from the Brooklyn Barclays Center. No sleep til Brooklyn!

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