Watch Beyonce's 'Mrs. Carter Show World Tour' Trailer! (VIDEO)

Watch Beyonce's "Mrs. Carter World Tour" trailer.

Get a sneak peek of Beyoncé's "Mrs Carter Show World Tour."

So, Beyoncé has just unleashed a trailer for her "Mrs. Carter Show World Tour" (you know, the one where she rocks rhinestone nipples), and it's either gonna make you really happy or really sad. If you managed to snag tickets, it'll make you REALLY happy because you're probably going to the concert with your best friend and are gonna leave wearing matching Beyoncé hoodies. On the other hand, the trailer will make you super sad if you're NOT going and are IN FURIOUS DENIAL about it. (We're part of the latter category, but we're not giving up hope.)

Watch Beyoncé's "Mrs Carter Show World Tour" trailer after the jump.

In the minute-and-a-half clip, Bey and her many custom-made outfits play to a sold-out crowd of Beyoncé Stans who literally cannot believe that they're in the presence of their Queen. Rising from the floor wearing angelic white, Beyoncé, over the course of "The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour," performs her iconic "Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)" routine, writhes around on top of a piano singing "Halo," and demolishes the "navy blue sparkly onesie" game for "Love On Top." Finally, Bey triumphantly throws down her microphone stand as if to say, "WORSHIP ME." Er, sorry, we mean: "BOW DOWN." Either she's thinking that, or: "Let me the hell offstage so I can go cradle my Baby Blue." Either one.

Watch Beyoncé's "Mrs Carter Show World Tour" trailer.

Photo credit: Splash News