New Interview: VersaEmerge Talk Disney World, Broadway And Warped Tour

(Credit: Circe Baumgartner/MTV)

More rock and roll from Florida! It feels like every awesome new band we come across these days come from the Sunshine State. Hey Monday, Orange Avenue and now Port St. Lucie (winter home of the New York Mets!) group VersaEmerge.

On their debut full length, Fixed At Zero, VersaEmerge, led by enigmatic singer Sierra Kusterbeck, alternate between Paramore-style rave ups and more dramatic and sweeping tracks, a la Evanescence.

We sat down with VersaEmerge to chat with them about the origins of their band name, the path Sierra took from would-be Broadway star to VersaEmerge singer and her propensity to get herself lost during last year's Warped Tour. Plus, Devin Ingelido fills you in on the genesis of the name VersaEmerge, in case you didn't know what it means, and Blake Harnage shares his love for Disney World.

Check out VersaEmerge's MTV video interview, watch their "Fixed At Zero" video, and watch a video sneak peek of VersaEmerge's appearance on MTV's "World Of Jenks." The episode airs Monday, Oct. 18, at 10/9c. Plus, check out brand-new MTV photos of VersaEmerge.