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Rihanna Values Comfort In A Travel Outfit, Just Like You

In some regards, Rihanna is not like you or me at all. She wears dresses backwards and they look better, for example. When it comes to travel style, though, we are all the same—Rihanna cherishes comfort over style, just like we do.

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On Thursday (Oct. 1), Rih rolled off of an airplane in France—it's probably for Paris Fashion Week, right??—in head-to-toe sweats. Just when I thought I couldn't love her an ounce more, she wears my travel uniform—what could be better? NOTHING.

Of course, because she is Rihanna, a few things were different—for one, she wore furry sandals that are part of her Puma collection. Second, her sweatshirt costs $790.

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It may seem pricey for an oversize sweatshirt, but Rih is getting plenty of wear out of it—she wore it in August, though without matching pants because she was not getting on a plane. Oh, and also summer.

While it's totally possible that Rih flew to Paris just to win Fashion Week without attending a single show, just like she did in New York, an appearance at Dior's show (tomorrow!) seems likely. Whether the sweatshirt will make another appearance remains TBD, but it's definitely a possibility.

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