'Are You The One?' Blackout Shocker: Which Non-Couple Surprised You The Most?

The gang lost 250K, and some early lovebirds got a difficult wake-up call.

During the last "Are You the One?" installment, the seemingly dreaded match-up ceremony blackout gave the cast a lot of clarity about the strategy element with regards to finding their "one" -- but for the Season 3 gang, getting no beams of light will cost them a quarter of their $1 million jackpot prize each time the stunning development occurs. And during tonight's brand-new episode, the guys and girls got a very tough wake-up call: Two-hundred and fifty THOUSAND dollars went out the window because all of them failed to choose their scientifically deemed partner. And when host Ryan Devlin declared that they had an O'fer evening, the gang looked like they had locked eyes with Medusa and turned to stone:

While collectively losing a considerable chunk of change was a tough pill to swallow, several seemingly sure-thing pairings were ruled out as each other’s one and only. Let's take a look at some of the unfortunate "AYTO" romantic casualties and their stunned reactions -- and remember the way they were pre-heartbreaking news:

  • During a particularly candid conversation, the Hawaiian hunk assured his crush that she was "unanimously the most beautiful girl in the house" -- but the emotional New Yorker felt anxiety that he would "f**k her over." Fast-forward to that sobering night and being next to his "only choice": "I've lost her; Hannah is gone," he stated during an interview, before tears began to roll down his cheeks. Poor Channah.

  • The gentle giant initially revealed that the two had some "great conversations" and similar interests. The party girl's amusing take on their budding romance? "He is so f**king sexy because he's so tall -- I would f**king climb right up that building. King Kong that s**t." Well, after experiencing the most "f**ked up thing ever" (her words), they won't be doing any of that aforementioned activity in the Honeymoon Suite.

  • Jealous outburst about a certain striptease aside, the self-proclaimed "Magic Mike" felt like the Colorado gal "hit" everything he wanted in his ideal mate. And when they found themselves next to each other during the game-changing event, he admitted that it would be difficult to put aside what had unfolded between the two -- all because a beam of light didn't signify their bond.

  • Shortly after the notorious pot-stirrer hit the Truth Booth with Kiki -- and got a flashing "no match" in the brightly lit spot -- Big D selected the dancer to be his seatmate at the MC. While she wasn't too pleased with being his "second choice" after she claimed they had a connection, she won't have to worry about that sting any longer since they aren't meant to be.

+ Which non-couple shocked you the most? Sound off in the comments, and be sure to keep tuning in to "Are You the One?" every Wednesday at 10/9c. And for an added bonus, watch Kiki, Hunter, Alec and Rashida reflect on the unforgettable situation in the clip below!