The Best Reactions To 'Are You The One?''s Match-Up Ceremony Shocker

After they got zero beams of light, the gang looked more than a little surprised.

The "Are You the One?" crew took a giant step forward on tonight’s episode, but quickly took a whole bunch backward: Just after they popped champagne to celebrate lovebirds Paris and Pratt being a perfect match, the group got ZERO beams of light at their Match-Up ceremony -- and looked like they'd collectively been hit by a dump truck.

That's right, NONE. Among the pairings who were ruled out as each other's one and only: Anthony and Jenni, John and Christina and perhaps the biggest blow of all, strong couple Briana and Curtis. That $1 million is looking tougher and tougher to win...

The surprising development was difficult to take (we were shocked, too), so let's look at some of the most memorable reactions to it:

Christina and John

The 11th girl gasped so loudly she needed to cover her trap, while the law school student had to duck his head and hide from the whole ordeal.


Her jaw almost dropped to the floor. Think the Cali girl could have caught some flies?


The sweet Texas native may have sat the formal evening out, but her reaction from the sidelines was loud and clear.

Paris, Pratt and Brandon

The two hunks looked like they'd just seen Casper pop out of the closet, while the brunette beauty could only muster a simple hair flip to cope with the situation.


The adorable Midwesterner's mind was simply BLOWN. Cue the fireworks popping out of her head.

Briana and Curtis

Stone-cold sad, and completely heartbroken.

Jenni and Anthony

The blond bombshell could only stare straight ahead, devoid of emotion, while the frat boy summed it up perfectly with a simple "whoa."

Jess and Layton

Their thought bubble: WHAT?????????

+Who were you most surprised to learn aren't a match? And what was your favorite reaction to the unbelievable news? Sound off in the comments below!