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29 Must-Sees For Whenever Nickelodeon (Hopefully) Has A 'Zoey 101' Reunion

Bring back Quinnventions!

All right, things are getting serious right now in the "Zoey 101" fandom. Thanks to a 10-year reunion video that aired Friday, Chase found out Zoey thinks he might be her *GASP* soulmate. Of course, is she out looking for him right now? No, no she is not.

Anyway, fans are taking to social media, DEMANDING a "Zoey 101" reunion or spin-off or something. It's been seven years since we last saw the gang at PCA, and that's been seven years too long, TBH.

Tweet Like A Girl shared this photo on Twitter, which is basically just a how-to for the next 'Zoey 101'-related video. Paul Butcher, who played younger brother Dustin on the show, retweeted it, adding the caption, "Hahaha yesss. Let's make this happen!! #WhatDidZoeySay #Zoey101 #letsgoallout."

Inspired by this, we decided to come up with some of our must sees for the 'Zoey 101' reunion people are begging for ASAP. Are you taking notes, Dan Schneider?!

  1. Everyone gets from point A to point B via Jet-X.
  2. There's another "Hand on a Blix" competition.
  3. Lola needs to walk in the door wearing this goth getup.
  4. Vince Blake is now in the NFL, and he's still insanely hot.

    Holla, Brando Eaton!

  5. Nicole and Dana return, and Dana still hates Nicole.
  6. Logan doesn't wear his shirt again.
  7. Kazu brings Sushi Rox for everyone.
  8. There's some kind of disc golf championship.
  9. The "Rejected" song comes back into play.
  10. Everybody is actively typing on their Pear computers.
  11. Quinn MUST wear these hair wraps again.
  12. And is reunited with Otis the Alpaca.
  13. Lola is married to Orlando Bloom.
  14. There's some serious brotherly-sisterly love between Dustin and Zoey.
  15. Michael was able to trademark the word "drippin'" and made a ton of money off of it.
  16. People still excessively talk about Chase's bushy hair.
  17. The VHS guy from the time capsule reunion video makes a return, just because.
  18. Mark Del Figgalo is actually President of the United States.
  19. Stacey is still singing "Sassafras Tea."
  20. And does questionable things with cotton swabs.
  21. Dustin religiously watches Spanish soap operas.
  22. Sam from "iCarly" guest-stars.
  23. As does Hanna from "Pretty Little Liars."
  24. We get to see new Quinnventions.
  25. There should be lots of this.
  26. And this.
  27. But especially this.
  28. And none of this chick.

Let's do this, team!