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Ariana Grande Thought Her Inability To 'Focus' On 'The Tonight Show' Was Funny, Too

Ari LOLed with us, which felt good.

Ariana Grande popped by "The Tonight Show" last week to belt out some absolutely spot-on impersonations of Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Celine Dion. When the Musical Impressions Generator landed on those names, Ari squinted hard to try to read them off of one of the nearby monitors. It looked like she could've used her glasses or something.

Luckily, host Jimmy Fallon helped her out by announcing which pop diva she'd have to do an impression of. And then Jimmy himself got in on the action, personifying Sting and Aaron Neville.

Anyway, Ari's fans saw the opportunity to crack a few light-spirited jokes about her strained eyesight -- and Ari responded exactly how we knew should would: with a smile.

"#cantseeshit ? #goodnight," this one read. Honestly, same.

But we're totally with you, Ari. There's no better face to make when you realize that *gasp* we have to wait over a month (probably) to hear "Focus" (or "Focus On Me") -- which, now that we think about it, is a completely appropriate song title given the squints.

Say, has that been Ari's game this whole time? To slyly tease her new song with mere body language on national television?

You're good, Grande. But we're onto you.