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Are You Ready For Ariana Grande’s New Single? Here Are 7 Things You Need To Know

It's coming soon, like, 'this week soon.'

Arianators, I hope you are ready because Ariana Grande is announcing her new single soon -- "like this week soon."

Excuse me while I freak out for a minute.

Ariana revealed the news on "Good Morning America," and we could not be more excited that the singer is back with some new music.

This isn't a total surprise for her fans. Ari has been teasing us for quite some time, which is why we rounded up everything you need to know about Ariana's new music.

  1. It May Be Called "Focus On Me"

    Ariana told a fan that her first single would be called, "Focus On Me," a title that she's been teasing for a while. Also, Republic Records reportedly showed a video of Ariana playing the single at the recent iHeartMedia’s Music Summit.

  2. The Single May Sound Like This

    Back in June, Ariana posted this super short clip on Snapchat of a new song. It has a pulsating dance beat, giving me some serious "Break Free" vibes.

  3. And It May Be Coming In October

    Ariana posted and deleted this tweet saying that the "festivities begin in October," after flooding our feeds with tweets teasing that she's "excited" for the "nearby future" and that she considers October to be the nearby future. Yes, we know that Ari loves October because of Halloween, but I think if she was talking about the holiday, she would've just come out and said it.

  4. Moonlight

    Ariana confirmed that Moonlight will not only be the title of her new album, but the name of a song.

  5. There Will Be Boy Problems

    The "Problem" singer teased us with some pretty telling lyrics from the album, hinting that she'll be singing all about some boy troubles.

  6. It's Simply The Best
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    Ariana told Captial FM that this new music is the "best she's ever made" and that she's "inspired" and "proud" of the direction she is going in.

  7. It's Going To Be Worth The Wait

    Ariana knows that waiting is the hardest part, but she promises this new music will be worth it.