The Parent Version Of 'Can't Feel My Face' Explains The Best Part Of Back To School

Here's what your 'rents really do when you're in class.

Jess, aka vlogger SHUGGILIPPO, speaks -- OK, sings -- for most parents in her hilarious new parody of The Weeknd's hit song, "Can't Feel My Face." The lyrics for "Can't Get Some Peace" include too-true gems like "I can binge-watch shows when you’re at school / 'Real Housewives' crush it / I’m not above it."

The parody dropped Wednesday, September 8 and features Mom Spark blogger Amy on vocals. Jess lip syncs along as she deals with all the school lunches and car drop-off lines that come with back-to-school season.

While parents like Jess are rejoicing for their newfound spare time to clean watch Netflix without a bra and stuff their face with Twinkies, teachers are weeping in a corner as students file in for the first day of class. Good luck, everyone!

H/T PopSugar