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Happy Birthday, Kat Graham! — 26 Reasons We Want to Be The Actress’ BFF

HBD, Kat Graham! Best friends forever?

Kat Graham is one cool cat. In addition to playing magical badass Bonnie Bennett on "The Vampire Diaries," she is also a talented musician and dedicated humanitarian. Today, on the 26th anniversary of her birth, we’re counting down 26 of the many, many reasons we totally want to be her BFF.

  1. She’s trying to make the world a better place.

    Kat uses her fame and fortune for good, volunteering her time and celebrity to some seriously worthy causes. Kat has been a spokesperson for the UN Refugee Agency since 2013, traveling to the Zaatari Refugee Camp in Mafraq, Jordan earlier this year to bring awareness to the growing Syrian refugee crisis. She spoke with Virgin Unite about her time in Jordan, saying: “When I think of a refugee, I don’t see it as anything separate from myself. I look at these children, and think, it could have been me. I therefore feel passionate about my involvement with UNHCR — human rights and anti-discrimination mean a lot to me.”

  2. She adores former co-star Nina Dobrev.

    What a coincidence. So do we!

  3. She made her TV debut on "Lizzie McGuire."
    Disney Channel

    Long before Kat started charming us with her portrayal of Bonnie Bennett, she was making her TV debut as a 13-year-old on one of our favorite Disney Channel shows of ALL time, "Lizzie McGuire." This has earned her an infinite number of cool points, even if she was playing a member of Kate’s snobby posse.

  4. She speaks five languages.

    The Swiss-born entertainer speaks English, Spanish and French, along with some Hebrew and Portuguese. You know how handy that will come in on our epic vacations as besties?

  5. She’s besties with Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed.

    Kat just happens to be close with her "TVD" co-star Ian “Blue Eyes” Somerhalder and his gorgeous and talented wife, Nikki Reed. Did someone suggest a game night?

  6. So we can borrow items from her closet.

    Kat has some seriously bold style, and we want to steal some of her fashion bravery for ourselves. Also, some items from her wardrobe.

  7. She has the best reaction to Demi Lovato crashing her interview.

    Kat’s Twitter reaction to the moment when Demi crashed her interview at the VMAs? “When your super talented gorgeous girl friend crashes your interview and she's also a mega pop star.…” Her in-the-moment reaction was also seriously on point.

  8. She loves Pop-Tarts.

    Not only did Kat confess her love for s’mores Pop-Tarts to us back in 2013 , but she starred in a Pop-Tarts commercial when she was a kid. Pop-Tarts for everyone!

  9. Girl can rock just about ANY hairstyle.

    We know that Kat has magic as her character on "TVD," but we’ve yet to fully comprehend the magic that must be involved with Kat being able to pull off literally ANY hairstyle. From blunt bangs to blond hair to tight curls to space ponytails, this girl can and has rocked it.

  10. She forgoes gifts in favor of helping others for her birthday.

    Who needs gifts when you can help others? For her 23rd birthday, Kat asked her friends and fans to forgo gifts in lieu of donating to The Water Project, an organization committed to providing clean, safe water to developing communities. Classy lady.

  11. So she could introduce us to Julie Plec.

    Kat has been a part of the "TVD" cast since the pilot, which means she has been working for creator Julie Plec for seven years. Um, we totally want to grill Julie on what’s next for not only "TVD" and "The Originals," but her new outbreak drama "Containment." Friends can do that to friends’ bosses, right?

  12. She was a background dancer for (Lil’) Bow Wow.

    Need we say more?

  13. She starred in a film with Zac Efron.

    Need we say more?

  14. She was on "The O.C."

    Sure, seemingly just about every 20-something actor played a frat boy, sorority girl or surfer on this teen drama classic, but we will never stop being delighted by this fact. Kat made a frantic on-screen phone call in and episode of "The O.C."'s third season. Time for another re-watch? Always.

  15. She isn’t afraid of being silly.

    Queen of our hearts.

  16. She was in "The Parent Trap."

    "The Parent Trap" will forever be one of our favorite movies of ALL time, which is how we know that Kat played Annie’s camp friend Jackie in the film’s first act. #NeverForget

  17. She plays the coolest character on TVD.

    Bonnie Bennett hasn’t always been on our favorite character on the vampire drama, but — in the last season — the powerful witch became our number one reason for tuning in with Kat’s portrayal of a frustrated Bonnie who was done taking crap from anyone — including her best friends. We’re with you, Bon Bon.

  18. She loves to travel.

    Amidst her crazy work busy schedule, Kat somehow manages to find time to travel the world. Whether it’s visiting family members in Israel or taking gorgeous photographs in Brazil, Kat has a healthy sense of adventure.

  19. So we could get a sneak-listen to her upcoming album.

    Kat’s first love is music, and the future superstar is in the process of recording her debut album (set for release September 25.) We can’t wait and have already listened to its single "Secrets" about a thousand times.

  20. She loves Harry Potter.

    This is a basic prerequisite for being our BFF.

  21. She takes her pop culture position as a role model seriously.

    Kat spoke with Hunger TV about the importance of being a role model, saying: “I’m happy that the majority of my fans are these young women. That is a privilege to have ... I’m so grateful that I have these very strong, sassy, young girls that do identify with this character. I just want to do right by them and I hope that they’re patient with me and that there’s somehow a tolerance and acceptance and a shift in how they view black people. And a shift in their global consciousness through me being that character.”

  22. She is a gourmet cook.

    Kat may have started peddling Pop-Tarts at a young age, but she has since developed some serious non-Pop-Tarts-related skills in the kitchen. As Kat told the Hartford Courant, she was enrolled in culinary school for a little while and can “make a really mean steak.”

  23. She has hung out with Michelle Obama.

    Let’s invite Michelle to game night, too.

  24. She loves the '90s as much as we do.

    Kat loves the 90s so much she wrote a song called “1991.” If you haven’t seen the killer music video, it is chock full of references and throwbacks. Kat promises the '90s will be a prominent theme throughout her entire upcoming album.

  25. She’s created her own series of short films.

    Kat is one of the most hardworking actresses we know. In addition to her starring role on "TVD" and working on her album, Kat has also found the time to produce, star in and co-create a series of noir-ish short films called "Muse" with "TVD" cinematographer Darren Genet. Does our would-be bestie sleep? Perhaps not.

  26. She loves her fans.

    Kat called "TVD" fans “the most beautiful fans in the world” during a recent fan convention in Europe. Aww. We love you, too, Kat!