Jason LaVeris / FilmMagic

It's Official — Finn Wittrock's 'AHS: Hotel' Character Tristan Is Insanely Hot

It's his dreamboat hair.

After a frightening performance as Dandy "I Have Serious Mommy Issues" Mott, fans can't wait to see what's in store for Finn Wittrock's new character Tristan Duffy in "American Horror Story: Hotel." Entertainment Weekly originally shared this photo of Tristan August 26.

Tristan is one of The Countess' (Lady Gaga) lovers. We can easily see why.

Series co-creator Ryan Murphy shared another pic of Wittrock-as-Tristan last night (September 1), and after seeing it, we're guessing Tristan's hair should be a character in and of itself. Because, just look it.

All right, let's break this down for a second. Here's what we instantly notice:

>> The mullet-esque/punk rocker hair (someone even noticed he resembled singer Adam Lambert)

>> The red streak at the front of said hair

>> The paisley shirt

>> Tristan is hot AF

Judging by appearances alone, Tristan seems to be the polar opposite of Dandy. (Again, it's the hair.) Let's look at them side-by-side.


Both characters seem as if they're up to no good — and look how well that turned out for Dandy. Wittrock told MTV News this season will be "bloodier and sexier, and also claustrophobic in a scary way." Still not sure what that will entail (besides the Addiction Demon), but we can't wait to find out on October 7!