'Are You The One?' Trailer: Hookups, Shoving Matches And $250K Right Out The Window

Can these singles find their way to love — and a huge payout?

Do you believe that scientific matchmaking can accomplish what so many lovelorn singles struggle to do every day? These 20 guys and girls certainly hope so — that idea has $1 million on the line for all of them.

For Season 3 of “Are You The One?” 10 guys and 10 girls are welcomed to Hawaii, where each has been paired with a perfect match through an all-star blitz of matchmakers, psychologists, family/friends and all-knowing exes. If they can each push through the drama and find the “one” within 10 tries (as the casts of Seasons 1 and 2 managed) they’ll ride off into the sunset with their new love and all that cash to split.

But there’s a new twist, as host Ryan Devlin proves in the trailer below: If, at any point during this season’s weekly match-up ceremonies, they have a “black out” and fail to put together even a single match, it will cost them $250,000 out of their final prize...EVERY SINGLE TIME. Yikes! There’s definitely trouble in paradise.

Will they give up on love? “Never! NEEEEEEVER!!”

Check out all the tears and potential hookups in the "AYTO" trailer, below. Then get ready for the show's premiere on Thursday, September 24 at 11/10c before it moves to its regular time slot on Wednesdays at 10/9c.