Jack Jeffries

The 'Are You The One?' Crew Goes 10/10 And Wins $1 Million

But it wasn't without some drama -- courtesy of Layton.

After 10 Truth Booth and Match-Up ceremonies -- including two O-fer formal evenings with zero beams of light -- the "Are You the One?" crew had one last chance to correctly identify their perfect partners and leave paradise with a cool $1 million. But on tonight's episode, the odds seemed against them when the pot-stirring Layton chose 11th girl Christina -- instead of Tyler -- as his match.

But before the outspoken Southerner's game-changing decision, the gang surely looked confident as duos Paris/Pratt, Shelby/Curtis, Jenni/John and Jasmine/Alex watched the ladies call out their respective guys -- first Ashley joined her confirmed match Dario, then Briana/Brandon, Alexandria/Anthony, Jess/Garland and Ellie/Nathan followed. Lastly, when it came time for the blond bombshell to choose her man, she went for L -- who was already comfortably sitting on the couches with T.

"Strategically, Tyler is the best way to go," the blue-eyed hunk explained to host Ryan Devlin while standing next to his ladies. "But at this stage in the game, there's a lot of things I like about Christina." He went on to explain that he wanted to be the rock that C was looking for in Puerto Rico -- and that he wanted to sit next to her during the final hurrah. Gasps ensued as more than a few feathers were ruffled, and the obviously annoyed group couldn't hide their frustration. We think Alex probably put it best: "This could f**k us over a million dollars."

Ultimately, Layton's intuition was correct -- he was the double match -- and the house had successfully gone 10/10, uncovering who compatibility tests deemed their best mates. Hugs and smooches followed, but what did you make of Layton's bold move? And do you think science got it right with all the matches? Share your thoughts below, and make sure to catch the reunion special next Monday at 10/9c!