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16 Burning Questions We NEED Answered At The VMAs

Having a hard time sitting still here.

OK, so the 2015 Video Music Awards are less than a few days away, but we're impatient folk and we have SCADS of questions that we need answered come show day.

Check 'em out below -- then let us know in the comments: What moments are YOU most excited for?

  1. Will North West Steal The Show?
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    Kanye is getting the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award this year, so the ULTIMATE question becomes: Will North be there? And will she be as scene-stealing as Blue Ivy was during Bey's epic appearance last year? Time for a good, ol' fashioned baby showdown, folks. That's a thing, right?

  2. Will We Hear Any New Songs?
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    We know we're primed to hear Biebs bust out "What Do You Mean?" -- and Nick Jonas will perform "Levels" during our pre-show -- but will any other stars gift us with new tunes? We're looking at you, Miley...

  3. Will Anyone Be Casting Shade?

    The VMAs are kind of a controversy factory, will anyone be grinding axes and beef at this year's show?

  4. Will Taylor And Kanye Have A Moment?
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    These two have come a long way since 2009's "Imma let you finish..." incident -- there's even been talk of a collaboration. They're both set to be in attendance come Sunday, so the question becomes: Will they rub elbows?

  5. How Can Nicki Minaj POSSIBLY Top 'Anaconda'?

    Last year Nicki kind of destroyed everything with her "Anaconda" performance -- in a good way. We trust that she can top 2014 on Sunday night, but we really can't imagine HOW so we'll just wait, and continue hyperventilating until then.

  6. Will Nicki And Meek Couple Out?
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    They've been coupling as much as a couple can couple -- remember that necklace Meek gifted Nicki with during a recent show? Can they out-couple themselves on Sunday?

  7. Who Is Sitting Between Britney And Kylie?

    The suspense, it's killing me...

  8. What Does Bieber's 'What Do You Mean?' Teaser... Mean?

    Masked men. Sexy makeouts. John Leguizamo. Biebs' new video drops right after the VMAs, and I need to know what it all means.

  9. What Do Taylor's 'Wildest Dreams' Look Like?

    Speaking of videos, Taylor's newest premieres during the VMA pre-show, and we need to know what's up with all the zebras and whatnot.

  10. Will The Weeknd Accept His Award If He Wins?
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    The Weeknd may be performing "I Can't Feel My Face" -- but will he SHOW his face if he wins the award for Best Male Video ("Earned It") or Best Collaboration ("Love Me Harder" with Ariana Grande)? Well, he is Abel, the question is, is he willing (ha)?

  11. What Will Miley Wear?

    A giant teddybear onesie? A simple black dress? Mud and a pig? Your guess is as good as mine.

  12. What Will Nicki Wear?
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    And will she manage to keep whatever fabulousness she dons zipped?

  13. What Will Taylor Wear?
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    Pants? If last year was any indication, then nawwww.

  14. Will Blurryface Make An Appearance?

    Twenty One Pilots will be performing at the VMAs and as any true fan knows, Tyler Joseph has been smearing himself with black stuff during performances and videos to take on the persona of Blurryface, the namesake of the band's sophomore record.

    “It’s a guy that kind of represents all the things that I am as an individual — but also everyone around me — am insecure about,” Joseph told MTV News of the character. “When I think about insecurities and my insecurities are getting the best of me, the things that I think of are kind of a feeling of suffocation and then also the things that I create with my hands.” Hence all the black stuff.

    Sooo, does the band have black paint on their rider or what?

  15. How Will Miley Shock Us -- Or Not -- This Year?
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    In 2013 she twerked and broke our brains. In 2014 she wore a black dress and cried as her formerly homeless date accepted her Video Of The Year Award. Whatever Miley does in 2015, we're sure to be writing about it for weeks to come.

  16. Who's Gonna Win?