Kanye West And Taylor Swift Are Hitting The Studio Together?!?

Tanye Swest is a thing now.

Wait. Stop. No. Yes. Yes. YAAASSS!

Taylor Swift and Kanye West might very well be collaborating, and we're freaking out, naturally. Aren't you?


Kanye visited Ryan Seacrest's radio show Wednesday morning (Feb. 11), a few days after the Grammys, to clarify the controversy spurred by his post-show rant where he questioned Album of the Year winner Beck's "artistry" and requested he give up his award to Beyoncé. And while he told Seacrest how much he respects Beck, he also talked about his new connection with Taylor Swift, with whom he reconciled on Sunday night. The two had had a dark relationship after he interrupted her 2009 VMA acceptance speech, but it's good now. So, would he collaborate with her?

"Yeah, she wants to get in the studio and we’re definitely going to go in," he said. You hear that?! SHE wants to get in the studio. And what Taylor wants, Taylor gets (like brunch with Jay Z). But it also seems like 'Ye wants it too:

"Any artist with an amazing point of view, perspective, fan base, I’m down to get in the studio and work. I don’t discriminate. I don’t have an elitism of music because of like how many Grammys or you know, the amount of ratings you get on an album," he told Seacrest. "I that think everyone loves music whether they love hip-hop, alternative, country, and if I could be involved in giving people any type of energy, advice in the studio, whether you’re Beyonce, whether you’re Taylor Swift, whether you’re Jay Z, whether you’re Beck, whoever, and they can be reciprocal with that, I’d like to be involved with that."