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Watch 50 Cent Meet A Violent Demise In '9 Shots'

Things take a dark turn for 50.

50 Cent and his G-Unit crew got back together last year after a lengthy hiatus, and while it may be all love these days in real life, there's tension in Fif's new video, "9 Shots."

The Eif Rivera-directed clip, which is for 50's new Street King Immortal track, documents G-Unit infighting turning deadly.

50 needs money so badly -- like, say, he was bankrupt or something -- that he shoots his close friend Tony Yayo and robs him for cash and jewelry.

Trying to play it cool when he runs into Lloyd Banks later, Fif says he can't fathom who would have done the deed. But Banks notices the G-Unit general rocking Yayo's chain and then gets suspicious.

Before long, karma comes back around for 50, and the end is a violent one (hint: the title gives a clue).

Hopefully life won't imitate this art.