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50 Cent Relives His Painful Past On New Single '9 Shots'

Off of his new album Street King Immortal.

The 2000 shooting that left 50 Cent with nine bullet wounds became an infamous storyline early in his career. He's talked about it in his lyrics plenty of times, but with his new single, he takes a renewed approach.

"9 Shots," which Fif released late Thursday, is a fresh taste of his upcoming, oft-delayed album Street King Immortal.

On the track, the Queens native is taking us through some of the painful moments in his life -- like losing his mother -- by using the nine gun blasts from that shooting as a metaphor. Sonically, it's reminiscent of some of 50's earlier work, like 2005's "Baltimore Love Thing."

On Wednesday, he debuted the song during a performance in New York. He also explained a bit about it -- calling it "a metaphor for nine painful moments" -- and teased what to expect from his new music.

"I've been moving around, doing Effen activations," he said. "So, I've been in different nightclubs and it's been inspiring me to do different music. So, y'all [are going to] hear some different things from me."

There's no official release date on SKI right now, but it should be on the way soon.