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Here's What Ariana Grande Thinks Of Justin Bieber's New Single

22 more days to go!

Justin Bieber's new single, "What Do You Mean," is absolutely 'fantastic' -- according to Ariana Grande, at least.

Ari reminded fans that there are 22 days to go until Justin's big release -- the first single from his upcoming album -- holding a sign with a heart around 22, and giving her best surprise face. The singer also gave us a tiny bit of insight into the song with the caption, "yes, I've heard it........ yes, it's fantastic."

While that is great news, it still doesn't change the fact that we have to wait 22 more days to hear it!

Both singers are releasing new music around the same time, with Ariana's upcoming single, "Focus On Me," the first track off her upcoming third album Moonlight, and Justin's album reportedly both being released in September.

With new music arriving so close together, is it too much to hope for an Ari/Justin duet? They offered a collaborative tease when Justin joined Ariana on stage at several of her Honeymoon Tour stops, performing "As Long As You Love Me," "All That Matters," and "Love Me Harder."

Justin seems to be recruiting all his friends for help in hyping up his new single. He even got Kylie Jenner on board.

Here's Ashley Benson.

And his twin, Ruby Rose.