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Will These Be Ariana Grande And Selena Gomez's New Singles?

An industry event spills the deets.

So much for countdown hype, surprise releases or lead-up promo -- info about Ariana Grande's new single, along with music from other artists, has made its way onto the Internet on Wednesday (Aug. 5). Record labels brought their prized new music to the iHeartMedia's Music Summit this week, and now that information is making its way to the masses -- whether it was supposed to or not. The summit is an industry event, but fans are picking up the intel.

At the summit, Interscope’s John Janick revealed that the name of Selena Gomez's next single will be called "Same Old Love." He also said, “I had to chase her around for a while, but after a year was able to sign her,” according to certain sites, who claim they had "moles" at the event.

Republic Records reportedly showed a video of Ariana running through the label offices and showing off her new single "Focus On Me." The title, which fans trended on Twitter today, was teased in Ari's Instagram in June, when she wrote, "by 'focus' i meant 'focus on me' #thisisahint #youllsee."

Both artists have albums coming soon. Grande's is titled Moonlight, and Gomez's Revival is out Oct. 9.

MTV News has reached out to Grande and Gomez's reps for comment.

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