Drake's Fans Crossed Borders To Catch An Explosive OVO Fest

It wasn't just fans from The 6ix.

Every year is an eventful one at Drake's annual OVO Fest concert in Toronto, but this time around he really pulled out all the stops. In addition to having a full set from his "idol" Kanye West, he began the show by taking another few brutal shots at Meek Mill. So, it's not surprising then that fans traveled from across Canada and the U.S. to see the show.

We caught a few of them who were from out of town:

  • Ottawa
    Nadeska Alexis/MTV

    Alex and Kristina were at OVO Fest for the first time, and they thought I was ridiculous for even asking why they made the trip from Ottawa, CA. "Drake, come on. We've always wanted to see Drake."

  • Indiana
    Nadeska Alexis/MTV

    Chance, Tayler and Damien came all the way from Indiana, in the States, for OVO Fest and could only sum up the reason for their trip as, "Drake. The6ix."

  • Oshawa
    Nadeska Alexis/MTV

    Lisa and Emily made their way down from Oshawa, Canada, for OVO Fest and explained that they were "using two phones and three laptops" to finally get tickets, which sold out almost immediately. Their effort was well-rewarded though. "We saw Kevin Hart and got upgraded to V.I.P. and sat next to Drake." Lucky.

  • New York

    Laura and Cindy traveled up from New York City, and they definitely put some thought into their outfits for the night. Guess they must have known what was coming? "We've been Drake fans since 2005," they said. "And especially since the Meek sh-t that's been going on, we had to come."

  • Burlington
    Nadeska Alexis/MTV

    Graham (left) was catching OVO Fest for the first time, but Danny was already on his fifth visit from nearby Burlington, CA. Pretty impressive. "I knew J. Cole was going to be here and Drake's beef with Meek Mill, we wanted to see it," Danny said.

  • Idaho
    Nadeska Alexis/MTV

    Isaac came on a solo mission from Idaho, in the States, to see OVO Fest so he gets extra props for being adventurous. "I had a feeling a bunch of people, like Future, would come. And J. Cole was pretty crazy." (He was right -- Future absolutely did come out to "F--k Up Some Commas.")

  • Harlem
    Nadeska Alexis/MTV

    Danny definitely made the most out of his trip from Harlem, NY, and the rain during J. Cole's headlining set didn't bother him too much. "This whole weekend was partying, with Caribana and OVO Fest so the combinations of things made it pretty live," he said. "And dancing in the rain was dope."

  • The Locals

    Of course, a majority of festival goers were locals and somehow they already knew what the big surprise was. Or, at least Simone and Lucy did, and that gave them a clear reason for coming. "Kanye. We know he's here."