So What If It Rained On OVO Fest? J. Cole Fans Didn't Care

Dance in the rain like you mean it.

TORONTO, CANADA — There are fans, and then there are real fans. The latter set showed their true colors during the first day of musical performances at Drake's 6ixth annual OVO Fest on Sunday, (Aug. 3), when J. Cole's headlining set was cut short by stormy weather.

A sunny day suddenly turned overcast, shortly after doors opened at the Molson Canadian Amphitheatre around 6 p.m., then tapered off -- only to return full force later, with strong winds, rain and lighting that completely shut the concert down.

Earlier in the night, we'd seen performances from Jeremih, YG and an electrifying set from Big Sean, but J. Cole didn't have the chance to wrap up completely. Although he promised the crowd that he would perform the entirety of his 2014 Forest Hills Drive album, he had to leave a lot of tracks behind.

So, fans cherished the songs that they did get, like "A Tale of 2 Citiez," and tried to have the best time they possibly could in the sideways rain.

As you can tell, they weren't really going to let some bad weather ruin this experience for them.

But even though Cole wasn't able to finish his set, he did get to slip in his usual great storytelling in between a couple songs. After performing "St. Tropez," for example, he explained what the song really means -- and no, it's not about an exotic vacation with $40 cocktails (or, not yet at least).

"If I'm being all the way honest, if I'm keeping it 100, then I'ma tell you the truth. Truth is -- I don't even know where the f--k St. Tropez is at. If you paid me a million dollars right now, I couldn't f---king point at it on a map," Cole admitted.

"But what I do know is, St. Tropez seems like the type of place that really rich people go to when they got a lot of money and they wanna be photographed on yachts, in bikinis, with champagne glasses. It seems like the type of place I wanna go to one day, but when I talk about St. Tropez on this song, it's just a metaphor."

Nadeska Alexis/MTV

And this is where you should really pay attention kids.

"When you come from a small city like me, a lot of times you suffer from what we call a 'small town mentality,'" he explained. "That means you grew up your whole life, seeing all this amazing sh-t on TV, in movies -- beautiful places -- and you tell yourself, 'when I get older I'ma go there.'"

"But, because you suffer from a 'small town mentality,' as you grow up, you start to get real comfortable. That's why so many people I grew up with never left the city to this day. A few n---as I grew up with still ain't left the block, honestly."

He went on to tell fans how he broke the cycle by moving to New York by himself, because no Cole show is ever complete without a little inspirational pep talk.

The audience was treated to a few more Jermaine jams like "Lights Please," "In The Morning" And "Power Trip," before Mother Nature really had her way.

Stay tuned for the final day of OVO Fest 2015. Drake will probably have a lot to say, and do.