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17 Photos That Prove Niall Horan Has Serious Guitar Face

The One Direction blondie allows the music to take over his body.

Niall Horan is, of course, a vocalist in One Direction, a goofball and a golfer. He also plays "an instrument with 6 strings on it," according to his old Twitter bio (remember). The One Direction bandmate is known to bust out his guitar at almost every show, and since the boys are On The Road Again, Niall has been strumming his heart out.

Just like John Mayer or Este Haim, Niall proves to have quite the guitar face, whether he's sticking his tongue out or wincing with intensity. It's pretty cute.

Let's take a look at all the funny faces Niall has had while paying his guitar:

  1. Even baby Niall couldn't play guitar without letting it take over his facial expressions in 2012.
    Scott Legato/Getty Images
  2. I don't know which is more serious -- his guitar or those skinny jeans.
    Kevin Mazur/OneD/Getty Images)
  3. While he shreds with 1D guitarist Dan Richards, he purses his lips until they disappear.
    Kevin Mazur/OneD/Getty Images
  4. Look at that intense glare.
    Jeff Kravitz/OneD/Getty Images
  5. Sometimes he can't even keep his eyes open.
    Kevin Mazur/WireImage
  6. Is there some unknown pleasure in playing guitar that we don't know about?
  7. Again, Niall, where are your lips?
    John Medina/WireImage
  8. Got a little tongue this time.
    Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images)
  9. What a crazy furrowed brow.
    Suzi Pratt/WireImage
  10. A little Kermit the Frog action. Liam also looks like he can't deny the music.
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  11. When he gets to into it, his mouth contours into weird shapes.
    C Flanigan/WireImage
  12. ~Passion~
  13. Are you sad, Niall?
    C Flanigan/WireImage
  14. Now he's doing a sleepy James Dean impression. It's very enjoyable.
    C Flanigan/WireImage
  15. Some fan called it his 'constipated guitar face' and now that's what I'm going to call it from now on.
  16. Look at his face all squinched up.
  17. Oh yeah.
    C Flanigan/WireImage

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