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37 Times Directioners Lost Their Chill During One Direction’s First Zayn-less U.S. Show

Onstage wipe-outs, collective moaning, surprise phone calls, and banana throwing... this show had it all!

Forget Comic-Con — the biggest, most momentous event that took over San Diego on Thursday night (July 9) was One Direction’s On The Road Again Tour.

The boys kicked off the North American leg of the tour at Qualcomm Stadium, and thousands upon thousands of Directioners descended upon the scene, most of them getting their first glimpse of the group since Zayn Malik parted ways with them in March.

The rousing, 25-song set was full of hilarious, totally bonkers shenanigans (spoiler alert: one of the boys fell onstage and another one hijacked a fan’s phone). But you know what we DIDN’T get from the show? CHILL. We got no chill whatsoever. The chill was gone. It left the stadium and floated away into the Pacific Ocean the second 1D stormed the stage, never to be found again.

Let’s look at all the evidence supporting the theory that San Diego is officially a no-chill zone, starting with the important pre-show info.

  1. After being away for a while, Niall’s chummy BFF Mark was back to tell us where the boys were going, so we knew this whole thing was off to a fantastic start.
  2. Some fans showed up with cutouts of Zayn’s face, giving us all the nostalgic feels.
  3. Too soon?
  4. There were also a ton of hilarious homemade posters.
  5. Directioner Dads (THE REAL MVPs) were out in full force.
  6. Fans decorated the heck out of their cars.
  7. Even the vendors were psyched for the show to begin.
  8. Apparently some super dedicated fans were running down the freeway because they were late (a Directioner’s gotta do what a Directioner’s gotta do).
  9. And even fans who weren’t there in person were starting to freak the f—k out.

Now we get to the good stuff: the concert, in all its glory:

  1. The chill was lost the moment the lights went down.
  2. Then the fireworks went off and blew up any chill that happened to be left, and the opening notes of “Clouds” kicked things off.
  3. OTRA > July 4th.
  4. Liam sang Zayn’s part in “Steal My Girl” and crushed it.
  5. Harry threw us for a loop by not wearing one of his awesomely-printed shirts, and opting for white (or a “slicked-back white t-shirt,” as Taylor Swift would say).
  6. “Spaces” began and emotions were SKY-HIGH. The ballad was basically every Directioners’ breakup anthem after Zayn left, so this one hit right in the gut.
  7. Harry sang Zayn’s solo in “Spaces” and it was the most beautiful thing to ever come out of a mortal man’s mouth.
  8. Meanwhile, Directioners who weren’t at the show were appropriately freaking out while following along with all the action on social media.
  9. Fans couldn’t handle all the cute bromance happening onstage (love you, Nouis).
  10. Niall grabbed his crotch. Chaos ensued.
  11. Louis and Harry shared a water bottle and the Larry stans were practically inconsolable.
  12. Liam flaunted his falsetto in “Better Than Words” and it was better than literally anything on the planet.
  13. Harry made the crowd moan. MOAN.
  14. And then he had them do this and we’re still not entirely sure why, but it was brilliant.
  15. Louis thanked 1D fans for making “No Control” their passion project.
  16. During “Alive,” Harry put his hand on one of the cameras and kissed it. For the first time ever, we were genuinely jealous of an inanimate object.
  17. The boys sweetly sang “Happy Birthday” to their drummer, Josh Devine, and one lucky fan.
  18. Harry fell on stage during “Through the Dark” (at the exact moment that Liam was singing “you tell me that you’re hurt and you’re in pain”).
  19. And his reaction was hilarious and perfect.
  20. Meanwhile, this person had a pretty solid idea for fixing California’s drought problem.
  21. Liam talked to a fan’s mom on the phone!
  22. Fans had plotted to hold up signs with encouraging, supportive messages during “You & I,” and it was the cutest thing ever.
  23. Niall sang a snippet of “Last First Kiss” to one lucky fan.
  24. Someone threw a banana at Harry as he got on his knees during “Girl Almighty.”
  25. Louis’ skinny jeans were as skinny as ever.
  26. FINALLY, “Act My Age” — a.k.a. the Irish jig song Niall has always wanted and deserved — made its way onto the setlist!
  27. And Niall did a little jig and it was PERFECT.
  28. The concert ended and Directioners were sad that it was over.

But don’t worry... this was only the beginning. The boys are touring North America through mid-September, so we have plenty more awesomeness to look forward to!

And because we know you’re wondering, here’s the entire set-list:


“Steal My Girl”

“Little Black Dress”

“Where Do Broken Hearts Go”

“Midnight Memories”

“Kiss You”

“Stockholm Syndrome”


“Ready to Run”

“Better Than Words”

“Don’t Forget Where You Belong”

“Little Things”

“Night Changes”


“No Control”



“What Makes You Beautiful”

“Through the Dark”

Girl Almighty”

“Story of My Life”

“You & I”

“Act My Age”

“Little White Lies”

“Best Song Ever”