Demi Lovato Looks So Good On Her 'Cosmo' Cover That Our Brains Are Broken

While we're pretty wary of the word "September" as we're just kicking off August, there is one notable exception—September issues. Cosmopolitan just dropped its September cover featuring Demi Lovato. If you thought her "Cool For The Summer" video was fire, you will not be disappointed by this cover and spread.


I mean, wow. Between Demi's bling on bling—which, according to the cover, you can win!—her perfectly rosy makeup, and her hair, the inside of our brains basically looks like: YAAS; WERKKK; OMGGG. Seriously, just those three words on a loop forever—Demi may have broken our brains, but it's all good.


The preview image from the spread is just as promising—Demi wears a cutout white dress and ditches the bling for a simpler look. If this outfit doesn't have you rethinking white after Labor Day, we have nothing in common. Sorry.

While we are extremely excited to see the rest of the spread, we're not sleeping on the interview, considering one of the excerpts is Demi calling out pop star posers. She says, "There are a lot of girls in pop. They have badass lyrics, but I feel like I'm the only person other than Rihanna and Nicki Minaj who isn't afraid to say, 'Try something on me and I'll f-----g beat your ass.' There are people who can dress up and play the part, but their music doesn't say it."

YAAS; WERKKK; OMGGG, Demi. Between this cover and (potentially) that shirtless, oiled up Justin Bieber spread, we cannot wait for the full Cosmo issue to drop on August 11.

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