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Justin Bieber Teases A Mysterious, Shirtless, And Oiled Up Photo Shoot

For those of us who didn't have enough photos of shirtless Justin Bieber to fully decorate our rooms/desks/closet shrines, Summer 2015 has been good to us. There were those photos for Interview Magazine where he licked a knife and wore a clown mask—all shirtless, thankfully—and now there's a new spread he teased on Instagram.

HEY. WHAT'S UP. HELLO. Bieber blessed us with not one, not two, but four new shirtless photos and one new shirted photo which, fine, we'll also accept. According to our research, the new photos seem to be featured in the new issue of Cosmopolitan. Hopefully this issue won't be the first to be placed behind blinders at retailers—the general public definitely needs to see these photos, OK?

While we wait for the interview and, LBR, high-quality photos, we'll be focusing all our energy on that photo in the lower lefthand corner. Hi.