Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Demi Lovato Is A Headbanging Goddess In This 'Cool For The Summer' Video Teaser

This girl is on FIRE.

Lovatics, we are sooooo close to finally feasting our eyes on Demi Lovato’s music video for “Cool for the Summer.” And judging by the song’s party-starting groove and spirit of reckless abandon, we can only imagine Demi’s completely upped the sizzle factor for her first new video in what feels like forever.

But until the full vid gets released in all its glory on July 23, Demi’s done us a solid and given us a little sneak peek to tide us over.

On Monday (July 20), Demi posted this seriously hot teaser and all we can say is “DAYUM.”

Let’s break it down: We see Demi and her ~crew~ cruising along in a convertible, strutting down a sidewalk, and dancing… HARD (we see that headbang, Dem). Oh, and then there’s the predictably amazing fashion: Demi’s dark eyeshadow, her long, chunky earrings, and the same bralette that we pointed out would probably give her the worst tanlines in the world.

Interspersed between those scenes are glimpses of Demi singing seductively to the camera against a neon-washed backdrop. The whole thing basically screams “SUMMER” and it’s safe to say we’ll need some time to cool off after seeing the full-length vid later this week.

We’re waiting, Demi!