ATX Festival

Watch Mae Whitman Play Dawson In This Hilarious 'Dawson's Creek' Table Read

'Do you guys like my picture of Tim Riggins?'

If you were a child of the '90s (or of today, thanks to Netflix), you probably have countless fond memories of "Dawson's Creek," the weepy WB drama that broke our hearts time and time again. Most likely, though, your memories don't include Mae Whitman and a framed photograph of Tim Riggins.

Thanks to this video, just released from the ATX Festival held back in June, they do now.

At the festival, TV stars like Mae Whitman, Patrick Adams, and even "Dawson's" alum Kerr Smith, all took part in a table read of the "Dawson's Creek" pilot, which first aired way, way back in 1998. The best part of the panel -- besides the hilariously outdated late '90s references -- is that Whitman read as Dawson while "Suits" star Adams portrayed Katie Holmes' character, Joey Potter. This gender-bending plot twist elicited lots of laughs, as you can see from the nearly hour-long reading.

Oh, and of course -- because the festival took place in Texas -- Whitman couldn't do without her framed portrait of "Friday Night Lights'" hunkiest football hunk, Tim Riggins. Let's be real -- the whole thing is literally perfect.