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How Well Do You Really Know 'Dawson's Creek?' [QUIZ]

All aboard the True Love! We're going back to Capeside.

"Dawson's Creek" was one of the most seminal teen shows of the '90s. It sparked controversy for its frank dialogue about sex and won acclaim from fans and critics alike for its sharp dialogue and romantic entanglements.

For us, Pacey, Joey, Jen (sob), and Dawson were some of the first TV characters we truly cared about. And we have creator Kevin Williamson and his brilliant team of writers -- which included Julie Plec and Greg Berlanti (NBD) -- to thank for that.

So, in honor of the "Dawson's Creek" writers' room reunion at this year's ATX Television Festival -- with a few special guests (!!!) -- we're giving you the ultimate Capeside quiz. How much do you really know about the "Creek?" Take our quiz below and find out!