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Here's Why Kim Kardashian Doesn’t Think She’s A Feminist

Plus 9 other things we learned about Kim K.

Kim Kardashian is strong, powerful and gorgeous, and she doesn't really care what you think about her.

Mrs. West spoke about that and so much more in front of an audience of about 1,000 fans at a public event in San Francisco hosted by the Commonwealth Club of California. The reality star answered a series of questions, candidly and honestly, on everything from fame to feminism.

In fact, we actually learned a thing or two about the pregnant star, so here is a round-up of the 10 things that may surprise you from Kim's one-on-one interview.

  1. She Doesn't Think Of Herself As A Feminist

    "I guess people would call me a feminist," she said. "But I don’t really like to put labels on things...I do what makes me feel comfortable, and I never say what I’m doing is the right thing."

  2. She's Not As Open As She Used To Be

    Sure, she shares her selfies and some fun fashion moments, but Kim has been more selective when she shares family moments. She said she stopped filming everything in her life for "Keeping Up With The Kardashians." "I don't always share birthdays and I have time with my daughter when she has her breakfast," she said.

  3. Kim's Low Confidence

    She may look flawless on a daily basis, but when Kim was going through those awkward teen years, she found herself a little bit farther ahead in the development process than her sisters. She had a C/D bra size when she was 14, which made her a bit insecure.

    "She [Kourtney] would snap my bra strap and I was insecure in developing, and then, when I was leaving 8th grade, my dad wrote me a letter and told me that I had been blessed with a certain body type," she said. "But some men might take advantage of that but he wanted me to love my body."

    Her advice for girls going through the same thing? "Be confident and secure."

  4. Paper Magazine Round 2?

    Kim has no regrets about baring all in Paper magazine: "It was empowering to me because I was trying to get pregnant, and I felt like, I want this memory of my body after my daughter," she said. "I would absolutely do it again."

  5. How She And Kanye Will Teach North About Racism

    When asked how she will prepare her children for racism, she said her and Kanye will "talk to our children the way our dad spoke to us."

  6. The Public's Response To Caitlyn Jenner

    Kim said that her family is going to group therapy and couldn't be more thrilled with the response the public has given Caitlyn Jenner, saying that it's been "overwhelmingly so positive."

  7. Krazy About Kanye

    Kim has nothing but love for her husband of over a year, saying that she loves the way he "creates, thinks, stands up for what he believes in whole-heartedly." Kim said that, in their marriage, Kanye has given her confidence, while she gives him "advice on what to wear.'

  8. #Lovewins

    Kim couldn't be more "proud" of the Supreme Court decision for marriage equality. She was "proud of Obama and proud to be an American" on June 26.

  9. Women Need To Work Hard For Their Money

    Listen up: if you want to be successful, you have to earn that cash. It isn't just handed to you.

    "There is this generation of young people — girls — who are beautiful but don't have a strong work ethic," she said. "People sometimes think that with looks things will be easy, But I just encourage people to put in the work."

  10. Kim Knows She's Objectifying Herself

    And she feels "good about it." Kim is well aware that the number of selfies she posts may objectify her, but she doesn't think "it's a bad thing."

    "I’ve taken them. I've chosen to put them out there. I like them. I'm proud of them," she said. "I think there’s power in that. Even if it’s objectifying myself, I’m OK with that."