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Hey KimYe, Here Are 11 Cool Names You Can Use For Your Baby Boy

And yes, one of them is Kanye Jr.

It's official. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are having a boy.

While we've already started celebrating their bundle of joy, we also began thinking about names KimYe might use for their second child. We know a direction is out of the question (so save those East/South jokes), but here are a few guesses/suggestions for the arrival of the newest West.

  1. Steve West
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    “I love Steve Jobs," Kanye West said during his Oxford University talk this year. "He’s my favorite person." Why not name your son after your fav genius?

  2. Walt West
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    Back in 2013, Kanye West compared himself to Walt Disney more than once. And KimYe took North to Disneyland for her second birthday recently - showing just how much Walt would be a fitting name for the latest West.

  3. Jesus West

    Let's remember that Kanye named his last album Yeezus. Let's also recall the passion he had when he dropped "Jesus Walks." And while some might think this name is a bit too much, others will realize that Jesus is actually a popular name.

    Just last year, more than 3,000 kids were given that name at birth, according to the Social Security Administration. See? It's plausible.

  4. Don West
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    Yes, Kanye once dubbed himself "The Louis Vuitton Don." But that's not why Don would be a perfect baby name for the youngest West yet. It could also act as a tribute to Ye's mom, Donda West.

  5. Robert West
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    Robert Kardashian is very special to Kim. So, why not honor her late dad's memory by naming her first son Robert? It's a tribute the whole Kardashian Klan would appreciate.

  6. Jay Sean West
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    Hey, there's a reason Kanye West once dedicated a whole song to Sean "Jay Z" Carter. This would be an awesome honor to Jigga's legacy. Young Hov!

  7. Montell West

    Montell isn't just a cool name. It's also the name of Montell Jordan - the MJ Kanye name-checked on Vic Mensa's "U Mad."

  8. Micheal West
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    Montell Jordan isn't the only MJ Kanye admires. Yeezy once called himself the Michael Jordan of rapping. Why settle for being like Mike when you can just name your son after him? Perfect.

  9. Kobe West

    Okay, if you're not gonna name your son Michael after Jordan, you might want to go with Kobe. Not only is he also an all-time great, but he's also part of Yeezy's history. Remember the hilarious Nike ad these two did together? Plus, we're thinking Kim wouldn't mind a K-name.

  10. Champion West

    This is the story of a champion, after all, so the name would make perfect sense. Plus, it's the title of a Kanye track, as MTV pointed out back when we were trying to see if KimYe would really name their first-born North West.

  11. Kanye West Jr.
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    I mean, this one's kind of a no-brainer.

The youngest West yet will make a splash with whatever name Kim and Kanye choose. And like North, we're sure the name will be perfect.

But if you'd like more suggestions, check out the clip below. It's a throwback to when MTV News gave KimYe name options in 2013:

What are your suggestions for the newest West baby? Let us know in the comments.