Shawn Mendes Starts A Feel-Good Dance Party In New 'Believe' Video: Watch

Shawn lives his most carefree life with this new track from Disney's 'Descendants.'

Last time we saw Shawn Mendes, he was taking a bloody beating in his heartbreaking “Stiches” video. But fear not — our fave Canadian crooner is back to his happy, sunshine-y self in the clip for his new track “Believe.”

The song is from Disney Channel’s upcoming live-action movie “Descendants,” which premieres July 31 and tells the story of iconic Disney characters’ kids (Jafar’s son and Maleficent’s daughter, for instance). And while we were sorta hoping Shawn might take the theme to heart and cosplay as Captain Hook’s evil spawn, he gave us something even better: a feel-good video to lighten up our lives a little.

Joined by “Descendants” stars Dove Cameron and Sofia Carson, Shawn strums his guitar on a rooftop as crowds of people fill up giant chalkboards by writing what they “believe” in. And if you have any doubt this tune will be stuck in your head all day, just heed this warning: there is whistling. And everyone knows a song with whistling = instant earworm.

Watch the video below and let us know what you think in the comments!