Shawn Mendes’ Face Takes A Whole Lot Of Punches In His ‘Stitches’ Video

But who is he fighting?

Shawn Mendes is going to need a lot more than stitches to get over the beating he takes in his brand new video.

The pop singer just released a second version of the video for "Stitches," and in it, Shawn -- who described the clip to us as an "awesome action sequence" -- is left beaten, battered and bruised. Here's the thing, though -- we don't know who is throwing the punches.

The video kicks off with Shawn driving a car into an empty parking garage. As he walks away, he starts taking shots to the face, but there's no one standing in his way. It's almost like Shawn is trying to break through an invisible wall -- a wall with fists, that is.

Serious question: how could anyone want to punch that adorable face?

Shawn, who shows off some impressive acting skills, gives it his best shot, but after throwing down some serious "Matrix" style moves -- where he flies through the air in slow motion, gets his head smashed into a car window and flies through a wall -- he eventually backs down.

So, what happens with Shawn's cuts and bruises? I'm not going to ruin it, because you should watch the video to find out.

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