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Of Course Khaleesi Named Her Crutches

And the monikers are quite monarchical, too.

If seeing "Game of Thrones" star Emilia Clarke strutting around with a pair of crutches last week sparked visions of some kind of gnarly dragon-cruising slay scene in your minds Red Witch-style, we were right there with you.

But it turns out the actual cause of her extremity injury was not so extreme. In fact, it was just about as ho hum as something that might happen to any one of us: a 'lil run-of-the-mill spill. Sigh. Even Khaleesi is a human, we guess -- with a stress fracture on her heel.

"I want to say it's from parkour or something ... really brilliant like I'm trying to vault a wall," she explained on the BBC's "Radio 1 Breakfast Show" on Thursday (June 25). "But in reality I just slipped. I'm just really boring."

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There's still an aspect of all this that totally separates Her Grace from the rest of us normies -- aside from the fact that she was werkin' those things so hard we could cry. Since Daenerys Targaryen has a penchant for giving things names, Emilia went ahead and blessed her walking sticks with a pair of monikers which totally celebrate her homeland and her (fictionally) regal roots.

"They’re called Will and Ben, yeah, just so you know," said Clarke.

Now we're talking. The Will one must be an homage to the Duke of Cambridge -- because hello, he's readying himself for the THRONE -- and the other seems like a cheeky wink to Big Ben, the huge clock of the Palace of Westminster in London.

Translation: It's only a matter of time 'til Khaleesi's wearing the crown. No? Just us?