Emilia Clarke Looks Badass Even On Crutches, And It's Not Fair

She'd get more respect in Meereen if they saw these pics.

When you and I sprain our ankles, we spend the next week hobbling around like three-legged dogs as we pop prescription medication and complain that we can't work out (but secretly relish the excuse to be lazy). Because realistically, the opportunity to slack on normal beauty and exercise routines is the only plus-side to feeling agonizing pain each time your foot happens to collide with the earth, and everybody knows that crutches are the most awkward, difficult-to-master medical apparatuses (apparati?) of our time.

But when you're "Game of Thrones" star Emilia Clarke and you have to go out and promote "Terminator: Genisys" while you're nursing a bum foot, slacking just isn't an option. So of course, the actress rose to the occasion when she hit London for some appearances on Thursday (June 18), rocking a gorgeous yellow sundress and a baby-blue, straight-off-the-runway Dolce & Gabbana number at various points throughout her day.

MTV News reached out to reps for Clarke to hear how she obtained her injury -- but we haven't heard back as of press time, so for now let's just admire the pics and imagine that she sprained her foot doing a double backflip off of Drogon's back as she conquered Westeros and burnt Olly alive in the process.
GC Images
GC Images