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Where Did Amber Rose's Wiz Khalifa Tattoo Go?

Her arm sure looks different.

Looks like Amber Rose had a change of heart about her Wiz Khalifa tattoo, after all. Just last month, she said that she had no plans to remove it anytime soon, but we definitely don't see Wiz's face on her left arm anymore.

Amber Rose/Instagram

On Monday night, Amber posted an Instagram video, hamming it up with a friend, and what once was a portrait of Wiz, is now a bouquet of flowers. That was a pretty quick turnaround.

During an interview with Big Boy in June, the model said that only a very serious relationship would motivate her to remove it.

“If I’m gonna eventually get married to someone else and they feel some type of way about it, then I will,” she said. “I’m not in a rush. We have a baby together. I think if we didn’t have Bash it would be different. But we have Bash and he sees his dad on my arm all the time, so he’s just like ’daddy!’

Soooo...does this mean that she and Machine Gun Kelly are ready to take the step next, then? The two have been dating, but Amber would only say that, “We’re getting to know each other. He’s a really nice guy, he treats me really nice and I have a blast with him.”

Let's see where this goes.