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Amber Rose Has Plans For That Wiz Khalifa Tattoo On Her Arm

This tattoo isn't coming off anytime soon.

Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa are still very involved in each other's lives because of their son Sebastian "Bash" Thomaz, and because of that bond, Amber is also comfortable with some of the other remnants from her relationship. Including, the portrait of Wiz that she has tattooed on her arm.

During an interview with Big Boy on Tuesday, Jun. 2, she explained that she has no intentions of removing it anytime soon, despite their very public split.

"If I'm gonna eventually get married to someone else and they feel some type of way about it, then I will," she said. "I'm not in a rush. We have a baby together. I think if we didn't have Bash it would be different. But we have Bash and he sees his dad on my arm all the time, so he's just like 'daddy!'

Amber also revealed that she still sees Wiz "every single day," despite their split, and they both think that being famous contributed to their issues.

"We both said that we'd probably be back together if we both weren't famous," she continued. "[Because] everybody's in your damn business, everybody has something to say. It makes life very uncomfortable and it's really unfortunate but the cool thing is that we're working on our friendship. And we'll always love each other, we'll love each other for Sebastian, so it makes it easier as time goes on."

While they work on their friendship, the model has been dating Machine Gun Kelly, and she sounds pretty happy with their status. "Yes, we're dating," she admitted. "We're getting to know each other. He's a really nice guy, he treats me really nice and I have a blast with him."

Amber also spoke about her new book "How To Be A Bad Bitch," and her plans to hold a SlutWalk in Los Angeles.

Take a look back at Amber and Wiz's romance below.