Kim Kardashian's Game Adds Babies! Is This Supposed To Be North West?

And Yeezy, is that you?

The Kim Kardashian game, a.k.a. the game I got addicted to and had to delete off my phone because it was ruining my life, has a new feature. Introducing: babies!

That's right, not only can you shop, model and go on dates, but you can also have a child now. The maker of the highly successful mobile gem, Glu Games, teased the addition on Tuesday, dishing out some new room designs that clearly detailed a baby's nursery.

On Wednesday, Glu shared new video game characters, including a baby and what some seem to think is Kanye West. Hint: it's not 'Ye.

Some think the baby is North West -- judging by the brows and the pigtails, it very well might be.

Also, don't attempt to do that eyeliner in real life.

What do you think? Is that North West?