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Jennifer Lopez And Missy Elliott Are Killing Us With These Cryptic Collaboration Hints

If this Twitter exchange is any indication, a new J. Lo/Missy duet might be in the works!

As far as dream collaborations go, it’s hard to come up with anything more ideal than the pairing of sexy triple threat Jennifer Lopez and living legend Missy Elliott. Sadly, that’s a fantasy that only exists in our wildest dreams... or does it?

Rumors of a Jen/Missy collab started flying on Wednesday (May 27) after a fan noticed that Jen randomly followed Missy on Twitter, and speculated about whether the two are taking their newly kindled online friendship into the recording studio.

Missy commended the super observant fan for his creepy — sorry, investigative — skills and replied with a cryptic tweet neither confirming nor denying the possibility.

Cue Jen’s even more perplexing response, complete with a suggestive winky face (because, let’s face it, ALL winky faces are suggestive in some way).

Well, if the thought hadn’t struck Missy or Jen’s minds before, at least the seed has been planted now!

Needless to say, we’re thrilled about this possible new alliance, especially given Missy’s long hiatus — and subsequent hyped return. Though we recently suggested she rekindle her chemistry with Katy Perry for the pop star’s upcoming album, Jen seems like an even more ideal duet partner. After all, the “Booty” hit maker has recently stunned on tracks alongside hip hop heavyweights Jason Derulo, Pitbull, and Iggy Azalea. And then there’s her long history of teaming up with rap royalty like Ja Rule, Lil Wayne, Fat Joe, and LL Cool J.

In any case, we at least know both Jen and Missy will be releasing new music on their own in the somewhat near future. Jen’s currently hard at work on her forthcoming follow-up to last year’s A.K.A., which is expected to drop sometimes before she kicks off her Las Vegas residency show in January 2016.

Meanwhile, Missy has teased us with pics of her working in the studio alongside longtime collaborator Timbaland, whetting our appetites even more for her imminent comeback.